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mezo profile pic Alumni

Hey, nice. Great colors. I wish the plant looked more plantlike as opposed to an arrow pointing towards the hipbone. But WOW the caterpiller rules. 3

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

weird, I like it. good job & nice colors

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

yep, I have to agree with mezo, the focus should be on the caterpillar, create a more natural looking twig/branch

mikemills profile pic Artist

The arrow is for SXSW, like in some of the other designs. I'd thought about adding leaves and stuff, but wanted to keep it simple. Or, like my old design teacher used to say, "simplify, simplify, simplfy, simplify" (yeah, one too many "simplify"s - but I guess that's the point).

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

we realize it's for the SXSW contest but I think the caterpillar concept stands alone by itself, it's very interesting, unique

just do a natural little bowing branch coming into view, no leaves, something simple, let the focus stay with the caterpillar

I would like to see this printed

mikemills profile pic Artist

Well, if I gots to change the branch, I gotsta. Do they ever buy subs that need changes?


Not if it's for a change in the design, no - but you can (and should!) resubmit the design again for another try.

mikemills profile pic Artist

I thought that was against the rules??

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

yeah, you can resubmit it if there's been actual change to the design. It's is then a new design.

I don't think you should get rid of the arrow...after all, it is the SXSW logo. Maybe just make it look more like a stem with two leaves, instead of 3 straight twigs. Love the caterpillar, though.

mikemills profile pic Artist

"By slightly changing your design a little bit based on comments, we still treat it as a duplicate."
I think I'm gonna stick (pun not necessarily intended, but left in cause it is kinda funny). Besides, at this point I'm just sorta confused about the whole thing...

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