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Permafrost Pollution anyone? Really nice design though.


worst Fing idea ever.

there is no global warming... global climate change = natural event, global warming from CO2 NO.

thanks Al Gore for letting us all know who the idiots are.


also esthergrondahl, at least travioli didn't flame him like i did... amirite??

less QQ plz


Wow, I can see nobody saw the "Remember, be nice!" comment. I agree that it might be hard for people to understand if it wasn't explained. But cute idea, use the seal maybe with another design!


Hey Lurl:
How do you think global climate change occurs naturally? not from various greenhouse gasses, right? of course not. why would that happen...


Global Warming natural? BWAHAHAAAAAA.

ass monkies. wags finger do some more reasearch than jsut watching one video or reading one website. look at real grpahs adn statistics and talk to people who know about this kind of thing.

Great shirt, quick and easily transmitted message I think. Well done.


Do you honestly believe there is no causalilty here? Let me post the 420 000 years of temperature & carbon dioxide concentration data from an ice core in Antarctica

That graph shows that there is a DIRECT correlation between temperature and Co2 levels... UP UNTIL the VERY last millimetre of the graph. which coincidentally is around how long the industrial revoltion has been going on.


the UN... yes the crappy UN has come out with statistics that cows raised for meat produce more methane gas and CO2 that is harmful for the environment then all SUV/automobiles in the world. FACT... if you believe the UN.

I probably could find a lot more little articles but the fact remains that the climate and temperature is always going to change and fluctuate with time weather or not humans drive SUV and fly airplans.

did you know on mars the ice caps are melting as well? all those damn SUV's and planes on mars... makes you think doesn't it. lol

once again, thanks Al Gore for letting us all know who the truely gullible and agenda driven flamers there are out there.

Kastle, you rock.


I personally think the design is very nice. Cute seal. And whether or not global warming is caused by CO2, whether or not emissions are causing climate change, I still think it's a bad idea to add garbage to the air and water we have to use. It's like the Ganges river...maybe a long time ago it could handle all the human waste and corpses, but just look at it now. Regardless of the amount of CO2 produced by humans in comparison to other causes, it can't hurt to cut emissions and do what we can to help.

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