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Cluster of Flaming Beings

Design by leokonzen

Cluster of Flaming Beings by leokonzen on Threadless
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Sun Dog

I wouldn't wear it, but I would hang it. The uneven edges bother me. It looks unfinished and sketchy in patches. It feels like the elements are hidden in clutter, rather than in clever linework. The lower right quadrant is the best area. When a design depends visually on lines, the lines should be as pure as possible. I hope you can rework this!


I'm... kinda tripping from this. It's cool, but it makes me dizzy (or, backwards, it makes me dizzy but it's cool. your choice)

leokonzen profile pic Artist

i didn´t get what you tried to say SunDog (instead everythings), my ideia was keep areas with more lines, and others with less, not just fill all the circle with lines and dots to precisely see the edge of the circle limitating these lines. My point to draw hidden elements in cluter for your mind kinda trip and see too much thigs, trying to organise and realize the simbiotic relationship between the elements. Isn´t the lines completly pure ? i don´t feel i need to rework this, but i will try to do something less artistic, interpretarive or trippy, maybe something more figurative will work.

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but thak you guys for leaving your opinion at all... :)


Reminds me of a cave painting by a highly skilled caveman :D The lines begin to look like a stone texture. The colors bring the image out nicely :)


Simply beautiful. Good work.

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