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échele gallo

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

umm..not trying to be a prick here...but how can a band that doesn't exist YET have played in 2007?

darooster profile pic Artist

thank you for the comments!!! and Mr Rocks, as you said, and as the challenge said, in fact, this band DOESN'T EXIST YET... but if it does, and you have this T ... i repeat "you can fool your friends telling you're the number 1 fan of this amazing irish punk rock band!!" , it´s just the fun and magic of threadless... just don´t over think it... cheers!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

uhh..what? I don't believe following the brief is over thinking it.

darooster profile pic Artist

dude c'mon if i´m up for score, that means that i followed the brief as well ... and if you think about it, why should a band that DOESN'T EXIST needs a peace of merch like a T? so what does it matter if i wanted to suggest that they've made a tour already? ... and besides, someone like you who ran a pub and love irish people should like these kind of designs , and i'm mexican like your luchadores, just give me a break.


1997 or 87 would be even better (who cares if there's "yet" or not)

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