Cloudy Night in the City

Design by Miss Fortunate

Cloudy Night in the City by Miss Fortunate on Threadless
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Miss Fortunate
Miss Fortunate profile pic Artist

Design will take up the whole shirt. No special ink/printing needed.

For a detailed version of the illustration, look for the blog in my profile.


it feels too heavy on top, and more like smoky than cloudy. Yup, if the city can be bigger. but good concept

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the top's billowy feel, just wish something about clouds or the midnight moon was the focal point and not the city below. Great cloud effects!


hmmm... took a few seconds to decipher "cloudy night ". Otherwise pretty nice.


Just the top itself looks awesome!


I wish in the city didnt have such a pyramid looking shape to it. You know?


I really like the clouds, but not the city. Maybe if you reworked the city to be as visually stunning as the clouds it would work better. I think the outline around the city kinda flattens it out.

boostr29 profile pic Alumni

could've made "in the city" more a part of the skyline (maybe with lights)...didn't really notice it at first..nice work on the clouds though.

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