Cloudy Night?

Design by Chris Rowson

Cloudy Night? by Chris Rowson on Threadless
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Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

Of all the things a werewolf needs
Full moons are the most important
And while the innocent quietly sleep
The wolf partakes in slaughter

So when the moon is full outside
And the sky is free from clouds
Wrap up children snug and tight
And do not make a sound

But when it is a cloudy night
Every werewolf knows
It shall not give us such a fright
With human skin exposed

For where is the fearsome wolf to go,
It’s plain for all to see
With patchy fur from head to toe
And nails where claws should be?

8 colours on dark grey or navy. Thanks to Manos for the flash template and ir0cko for the tee photo. Also, thanks to everyone who helped out in critiques (particularly quister, jebs, skilly, mtths and brightwood).


haha, i like it!

Resistance profile pic Alumni

this is great!! very cool style and idea


haha..great idea


Ah, great to see this up for scoring, great presentation, great design, great intro, and thanks for the shoutout. This is made of $5!


Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

Thanks guys!! 6 days to go, keep the votes coming!!

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

hahaha, very clever idea!

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the nice comments so far!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Oh wowsers that's really cool, it's like a human to werewolf fruit-roll-up of the skin! Great two-piece design as well, love how the mountains make a jagged border to the main design. I'd like to see the whole she-bang moved dow na tad, but overall, nothing but excellence here.

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! 6 more days to go!

agrimony profile pic Alumni

yeah... impressive illo! love the backdrop. though im pretty sick of wolves/moons at the moment. but still nice nonetheless! i only wish that the clouds were less cartoony. besides that, great job!!

T-Lou profile pic Alumni

This is great! really cool idea and execution. I like the blue, but grey is still a 5$ too!

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

Agrimony - Yeah, I curse the day "The shirt that shall not be named" ever hit these pages! Grrrrrr



evan3 profile pic Alumni



good job :D

Psycat Aurora

This is a really neat idea.

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

Thanks for the votes and comments so far, 4 days to go!


Mos def

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

cool idea!



Took me a few seconds to get and only after I looked at the second option, so maybe that colour scheme works better.


Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

Thanks! 3 more days!

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni


Good work...

ayearinreview profile pic Alumni

Pretty funny! Nice work!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

cool drawing, great idea. i just think the eye/face could use a little work. he kind of looks like a cyclops.


Haha this is clever


nice~ blue doesn't work .. the other color option is better.


cool concept, just think it needs to be a bit more obvious - bit of human face would drive it home - just my opinion - 3

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! Only a few more hours left to vote!!

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

Yeah that's lower than I'd hoped. Oh well, onto the next one!


That score is crock of shit. The least they can do now is print the elephant.

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