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Cloudy Inspiration

Design by Ste7en

Cloudy Inspiration by Ste7en on Threadless
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hey that is an excellent illustration

Jemae profile pic Alumni

GREAT IDEA! + GREAT ILLUS! YES, TRIBECA FF will love this & me too! Definitely 5$! =)


too big and clumped together to be a bunch of clouds. i'd have it more spread apart and the individual clouds shrunk down. maybe even add some and have it wrap around the shirt.

staffell profile pic Alumni

would be nice as a poster

mezo profile pic Alumni

Those poor extinct indians and dinosaurs!

Ste7en profile pic Artist

thanks so far everyone...I thought people might question my choice of characters, but the idea is we see the things that interest us, and those characters interest me. I had a cowboy and a rocket ship too, but they cluttered the design.


well done.

however, what's teh indian got to do with film?
is that chief bromden?
Tonto from lone ranger?


very nicely done. 5.

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Nice concept and illustration. Just not big on the large placement. I think it should be a little smaller. Great work though. 5


I love it but compositionally I think it would work better with 3 clouds - not sure which one to lose though

Ste7en profile pic Artist

thanks so far everyone, I wouldnt drop a cloud because that would make the design too square and top heavy, but I appreciate your input


this looks great, my son loved it! $5

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

oh dear, i'm working on something quite similar at the moment, heh, it's the only thing i've been close to finishing, oh well...

it's a nice contrast, the animals are in aggressive poses but the clouds make everything look so peaceful :)

Ste7en profile pic Artist

obviously not, it would have gotten a better score if I had just stolen an idea

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