Cloud Bunny- "Fly me to the Sky"

Design by Bluebirdiesinger

Cloud Bunny- "Fly me to the Sky" by Bluebirdiesinger on Threadless
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i like the bunny. i'm a sucker for the little things. but the rest of it seems too cartoonish and too much for the whole shirt. love the bunny though


woah. is that bunny smoking? or are those lines coming from it's mouth and the smoke puffs coincidental? i think the whole design might look better on another color. right now it looks like the stripey outlines were just sort of cut and pasted onto the shirt. it would be cooler if it blended into the background more. i definitely liek this though.


I immediately thought of Runaway Bunny, too.


i find this very very interesting, good job


I like this a lot. Would like another colour on the tee. A colour that match the stripes around the girl and the rabbit better.


That must've been some trip!


I love the illustration. But, the lines behind the bunny and girl don't flow with the rest of the design..


I love it!


Runaway bunny was my favourite story when I was a little kid...I actually just the other day found a copy in a run-down bookstore and I had to buy because the concept (or at least what it reminds me of - my mother) has such a sentimental value to me I truly hope it gets printed. $5s all around.

♥♥Sorry if I come across as too emotional.


Oh, and it could probably do without the lines behind the girl and bunny.

Had to throw in at least a little criticism


Perhaps change the t-shirt colour to a grey or a blue, the green maked the amazing sketch look awkward.


also reminds me of the bunny planet books by rosemary wells. the green t-shirt color is unflattering to your lovely drawing.


happy birthday

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