Close Encounters of the Egg Kind

Design by Suminator

Close Encounters of the Egg Kind by Suminator on Threadless
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pretty crappy drawing...


too simple


superb style.

I've never said this before, and I scorn the day I am forced to.... but "loose the text". The message needs to be challanged graphically. Maybe a frying pan is in order?!

Good work :)


puterboy, we're here to give constructive criticism. Quit being a jerk.

I think the design is cool but it needs something more, like maybe some egg planets?

Suminator profile pic Artist

I wanted this to be extra simple, so I drew it with my wheelmouse. Maybe it could've been better if I'd drawn it with more style and detail, but I guess I wanted it to be pretty raw and foolish as an idea itself... Thanx for all the comments people.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Simple for the design but not for the whole concept coz this still the brilliant idea.

Suminator profile pic Artist

I wanted this to be read as a "regular egg meets small alien saucers". I tried to play around with putting a fork or eggshell remainings to emphasize the small scale, but it looked wrong/crowded... Maybe I should've thought it out more, but this was really a quick execution, and so I gave it a go...
Thanx for all the response everyone.


fuck yes! I hate eggs, and the idea that they could have some other purpose appeals to me

outline profile pic Alumni

oh. god. yes.


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