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Clockwork Soldat

Design by Apocalyptee

Clockwork Soldat by Apocalyptee on Threadless
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Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

A true war machine, this terrible tin man marches on without mercy, without rest, and without snacks.....'cause he has no stomach.

Simulated process on light blue/heather grey/gold.

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

Take a minute and check out all the amazing detail! The parts, which are all vintage used or N.O.S parts, were photographed with a super-hi-res digital camera!


I can't decide which is the best shirt colour to fit with this design, but it's not bad, not bad...

Apocalyptee profile pic Artist

Yeah, I had a tough time with that myself. I figured the best thing to do was to give some options and let the people speak.


I do agree with Pfaffenbach tho

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