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I just want to say theres nothing funny about this, to me is more of an idea i havent really put a lot of philosophy behind, sometimes things that make no sense or not understandable are funny,or not funny, is up to the viewers eye, in this case i guess i just did something that i liked the way it looked to me, and as i said before when you put your work in a situation wich someone can comment about it , maybe its not going to be on everbodys's taste. so i hope you like it and if you dont its ok, there are plenty of cool designs of great designers here too..! have fun...everybody


i don't like the (surprise, surprise) text.

the rest is pretty clever.


yes, eyelashes on wrong side

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

Dammit, i was gonna submit one called clockwork orangoutang last week!

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