Clockwork kit

Design by gummi


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Revised, added the mascara. Didn't go for the eyelashes since it would've been too obvious...

fourcolourblack profile pic Alumni

wow, this is actually great! love it, i'd buy it. $5!


this is the shit! If they don't print this they are fools! Love it, Love it, LOVE IT! will buy

John Holland

This seems similar to another Threadless design I've seen recently, but I can't think for the life of me what it was (a Glenn Jones one, perhaps?). Very good, though...


This is AMOST PERFECT! (You should have done the eye lash and I think you know it... it wouldn't have been too obvious it would have been too awesome) Anyways $5. I think I like it better then the other Clockwork shirt on here although that one is brilliant too.


I don't get it.


brilliant! perhaps a bit smaller design size on the shirt... that's the only critical thing i have to say, so job well done!


i saw this some were before!!! 0

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

nice improvements! Good job!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I don't think it needs the eyelash, with or without i'd still purchase this for myself and a few other friends who like to frequent the milk bar with me!


All of sudden I have this strange thirst for ultra-violence. I don't know what it is.



lol @ 'i don't get it'



It's good man $5 , please positively rate all my slogans? Thanks in advance =]


i think it still needs the eyelash


its an improvement but still think it needs the eyelash

i mean you say it woudl make it obvious but isnt the orange shirt and everything else make it obvious too???

still would purchase 5$

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Congrats on the print!

slender fungus

but he listened to mini-tapes, not records.


I bought this, totally love it, can't wait for my order to come! :D


I have this shirt it is beyond cool!


congrats!! to too awesome!!

R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Alumni

You soooo forgot the stick on eyelash (even though you have mascara) and the python, and beethovens head bust lol, but nice tee!

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