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I already marked this one, but I just wanted to say that it got a five-and-a-buy from me.
I know this feeling. I start getting it at 2:30 every week day.
I would wear this to work every day. But I won't buy five of them, that's just crazy.
Excellent monster. I love him.
Enough gushing. I just hope it gets made.

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Hey, thanks for the comments, people. I agree about the eye on top, but in my defense, the original illustration had another monster standing to his right blabbing about something, so the fish monster had one eye paying attanetion to him, and his other eyes on his watch. I didn;t notice the top eye was still staring off into space when I submitted the design :) That'll get fixed if it gets picked. That'll get fixed if it gets picked.


oh yeah!

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Oh and thanks everybody, appreciate all the support :)

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