Clocking your last first kiss?

Design by enoelie

Clocking your last first kiss? by enoelie on Threadless
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enoelie profile pic Artist

As far as positioning goes...

I'm a selfish bastard who wears a ton of hoodie jackets so...
Front and center seemed like a decent spot to have the kiss-o-meter appear peeking out a bit when I have it zipped 2/3rds of the way.

That pile of kisses can then convey "I'm not a playa, I just crush a lot"...

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this looks GREAT on Denim. Placement works for me, and the concept is nice. 5


I love :D


Ah definatly a 5$!
I am not that far up there... I dont think.. but its still a greap concept and goes with the contest perfectly ^-^

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