Climbing Christmas Tree

Design by ganjarelex

Climbing Christmas Tree by ganjarelex on Threadless
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ganjarelex profile pic Artist

Christmas is coming very soon. Prepare your self. Hope you all like it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

HO HO HO great!

ndikol profile pic Alumni

coool :D :D


cool as christmas..!
happy holidays, an early gift for ya!

AlexMacDuff profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration. Interesting perspective.

FYI, though, it's generally frowned upon to promote your designs on other people's subs. If you want to attract scores/comments, post a blog instead. Please don't spam.

ganjarelex profile pic Artist

this is my first subs and i see some peoples do that
i don't think that as spam
if that bothering you i will not do that again
thanks for the advice

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