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Clan of the Werewolf

Design by MrPallarp

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........?? My point is that on this shirt it seems that you have taken a wolfs head and then some heraldik and copy/pasted ´em together. Not changing anything, that be the form, color, meaning or even position of a typical "club"-shirt. It might not be the purpose to make new thoughts in your design , but then it´s hardly a creative design, just a tee, as they have been made for centuries. So why did you make it at all? Wondering about taking a red tee and putting a white cocacola type on it too? ;)


It's nice, I wouldn't have chosen red but then thats just me, I don't wear red. Many people do.
It IS a little so-so, nothing really stands out and grabs me about it, but then I guess it's kind of cool. If it was me, I'd have taken the heraldic imagery and done something two it.. like used a machine gun instead of a sword or something like that (I can see you didn't put any actual weapons in there) But thats just me and my way.


I for one like the herald-wolf. Sure, maybe not the most original tee ever, and maybe it didn't take hours of vector wor k or what have you... but who says a tee has to be original or hard to create in order to look good?

I like its simplicity.


hah shut up ivan..this t rocks


......yeah, but I´m not rolling with it.........

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