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like it alot. The speech bubbles are cool, Is he talkin about his love of dead goats?

Leftist Jesuit
Leftist Jesuit profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the great comments guys! Your suggestions are duely noted. As for the popularity of the speech bubbles, I was actually considering doing a shirt just about the bubbles even before I posted this. Anyway, I'm working on a few versions now, maybe I'll put one up soon.


this is awesome, i'd buy

Leftist Jesuit
Leftist Jesuit profile pic Artist

Again, thanks for all the supportive comments guys. This is a much more positive reaction than I ever expected. scs3000, I think I agree with you. If this is actually selected for printing (knock on wood) I think I will either move the arm slightly closer or extend the lines of the arm so they are closer.

As for the comments about the similarities to Strongbad of Homestar Runner, isn't Strongbad supposed to be based off a Mexican wrestler? And these guys are charicatures of Mexican wrestlers so don't worry, we're both just drawing from the same inspirational source, it's not like I'm ripping off Homestar Runner.


Aw man... I typed up an entry using the word "exsanguination" but forgot to hit submit. I like it.

Leftist Jesuit
Leftist Jesuit profile pic Artist

Again, thanks so much to everyone who took the time to comment! To say that this number of positive reactions was a pleasant surprise would be an understatement. The few suggestions I got I think were mostly on the mark and on the chance that this gets chosen to be printed I'll make a couple minor changes such as moving the arm a little closer. Anyway, I've got some new designs I think I'll submit after this round is done. One is a shirt with just a bunch of speech bubbles as I had planned to do and as a number of you had suggested. So keep your eye out and I hope you enjoy. Once again, thanks to everyone who commented!

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