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Design by gummi

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Looks just like another Threadless shirt

Alex M. Solefish

reminds me too much of follow it. good try, though.


Yes, I've seen this before too. Sorry.


Yep, totally been done...


This one is more British Underground, LOL.

I think the design is fine but maybe putting it on a white teeshirt just makes it feel like the London tourist souvenir tee...


Well, I suppose you can accuse me of ripping off as well then. I used the london tube sorta concept as well, though a bit different. I had not seen it was done here before... oh well, I suppose mines a bit more fun though.


Okay honestly does anybody read what it say here at the botton "REMEMBER BE NICE" you can give your opinion and be nice, and honest still. Be more respectful to people. Maybe they didn't know that there was one like this done before. I am not trying to be rude, but just try and have more respect. Thank you.

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