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jameses_x profile pic Alumni

So good..

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Love all of the different references. :-D As a girl this will have people staring at your boobs for hours. Amazing as always, Stacy. $5

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scottishjen profile pic Alumni

Dr.Who....awesome Amazing detail and design.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

very cool idea.

berlynhubler profile pic Alumni

really awesome! can't stop looking at it! haha

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ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

very cool


I really hope this gets made, because I will for sure be buying it. Rated it a 5. And the answer to artists Q. Here is my try:

FOR SURE: Inception, Jumanji, LOTR, Aladin, Harry Potter, Pokemon, The Mask, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James Bond, Jurassic Park, Batman, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Wizard of Oz, Gremlins, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mary Poppins,

NOT POSITIVE, BUT PRETTY SURE: Dragon Ball Z?(Orange Ball), Snow White (Apple), The little shop of horrors(plant), Super Mario(mushroom), Matrix(Red pill)

SOME I CANT FIGURE OUT(once somebody points them out, I'm sure I will say "duh,I'm dumb): Both pair of keys, VCR Cassette, Bill with eye next to 007 license, Shard next to red pill (Kryptonite??), Sasquatch hand, Book w/ face, Thing under the mask, books on top of jumanji set, thing in between inception;Btothefuture;dragon ball z, The 2 things behind Gizmo, Ace of Spades card, Triangle propped up on box that has Gizmo,Green Canister(Spider man?), and the thing in front of the green canister.



fightstacy profile pic Artist

Nice one Redtop, All your 'Not Positive' guesses are correct! ..I'm sure someone else can get the rest!


great work!!! :)

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

goood stuff


boo yah!

BakusPT profile pic Alumni

This is awesome!!! Congratulations on a great design :D

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

For sure: The shard is The Dark Crystal. The book with the face is the Necronomicon. The device under The Mask is the Arc Reactor from Iron Man. The things behind Gizmo are the portal-gun from Portal and The Great Knife from Silent Hill. The VCR tape is from The Ring. The triangular-stone is from The Fifth Element. The spider is from Spider-Man. The dragon-egg is from Game of Thrones. One key is to The TARDIS. The book directly on top of Jumanji is The Neverending Story. Not sure about the others.

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Also, for a reference tee, this is inventive and stellar. Will buy.

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

And by 'the others' I mean the items that haven't already been identified.

P0ckets profile pic Alumni

I think that's the Shaun of the Dead baseball bat rather than silent hill, might be wrong though. Awesome work Stacey!



diekave profile pic Alumni



Nice Design!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

crazy awesome!! I'm staring and staring and staring at it!!!

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Awesome design! That's a shirt people would just stare at for hours trying to figure out what item belongs to what movie. Brings back memories. Brilliant concept! 5


From ones not said yet. The green canister is from teenage mutant ninja turtles, in front of that is from the Goonies. The monkeys paw? The book I would guess is from the princesses bride or maybe the Neverending story...Batman with the boomerang next to the Jumanji.


I like the gremlin :-)


nice work! $5


Unbelieveable!! I love this $5. Make it happen!

Marcos Moraes
Marcos Moraes profile pic Alumni

Fucking, freaking, awesome!!!!!!! 55555555555555$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!! Realy, amazing!!! Great work, fantastic idea!!!!

RedRafael profile pic Alumni



Great Design Loved It !!!! Mike McCrary


Some things I'm not sure if they were mentioned or not. Next to the Portal Gun I believe is the cricket bat used in the movie Sean of the dead. The cards could be Gambits from X-men as I think he only throws aces. The Monkey Paw could be from a Simpsons tree house of horror episode, or the book "The Monkeys Paw" The apple must be from Snow White, or..the bible? The open blank book on the top could be Death note or...eeerm I dont know.


2 not mentioned, the red computer chip is from Terminator 2 and the ticket with eye on it is from Last Action Hero. Arnold would be disappointed in you!


Nice one $5




nice :)

soloyo profile pic Alumni

spoiler blog material


Great ArtWork!!!


This just blew my mind, this has to win.


Hehehe, I spy with my little eye, Mary Poppin's umbrella :D


I liked it.


Very very nice man!! high 5


Excellent illo. $5


Thats realy cool!!!!


wow 5!


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE wow i would buy this fo sho this is beautifully made and the placement of everything the layout is all good, and great content. smart, you hit every fandom, i love it.




If this does not get made, can we find a way for the people who want it to purchase it.

Ru Chery

this design is so awesome!!!! fantastic job $5!!!


You amazing bastard! I will own this soon :)

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great work. 5$


Well, there went my productivity at work down the tubes for the afternoon.... After looking over other folks' comments on a few, here's my best attempt at a definitive list. I count 44 objects, 3 of which I remain clueless as to their source. Curious as to the artist's 'true' source on a couple of these.

"Audrey II" the Venus Fly Trap (Little Shop of Horrors) Ace of Spades (Maverick?) Apple (Snow White) Arc Reactor (Iron Man Franchise) Batarang (Batman Franchise) Bloody Cricket Bat (Shaun of the Dead) Board Game (Jumanji) Brown Book (The Never Ending Story Films) Crystal Shard (The Dark Crystal) Flux Capacitor (Back to the Future Trilogy) Gold Ring (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) Crystal Ball (1 Star) (Dragon Ball Z) Hogwarts Letter (Harry Potter Franchise) Key (???) License to Kill (James Bond Films) Lightsaber (Star Wars Films) Mask of Loki (The Mask) Mogwai in Box (Gremlins) Monkey Paw (The Monkey's Paw?) Mosquito in Amber (Jurassic Park) Mushroom (Super Mario Games) Necronomicon (Evil Dead Trilogy) Object Under Egg (???) Oil Lamp (Aladdin) Open Book (Could be anything… but I hope it’s a Take On Me music video reference) Pokeball (Pokemon) Portal Gun (Portal Games) Radioactive Spider (Spider Man Films) Raj Palace Ticket (Last Action Hero) Red Pill (The Matrix) Ring on Necklace (???) Ruby Slipper (The Wizard of Oz) Sack of Beans (Jack and the Beanstalk) Silver Dragon Egg (Game of Thrones) Spanish Doubloon (The Goonies) Spinning Top (Inception) Starfleet Insignia (Star Trek Films) Stone Block (The Fifth Element) T800 Brain Chip (Terminator Films) Tardis Key (Dr Who) TGRI Cannister (TMNT) Triforce Piece? (Zelda Games) Umbrella (Mary Poppins) VHS Tape (VHS or The Ring) Wonka Bar w/ Golden Ticket (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)

fightstacy profile pic Artist

Wow, Nice one FTP!!
I guess I'll confirm the ones you're unsure about.. Maverick, The Monkey's Paw, Triforce Piece!

The open book on top is quite possibly the hardest to get, ..It's from a series of PC games that was popular through the 90's.

The ring on the necklace is from a current series of games, and literally a key to adventure

The dark key up front, ..I think someone already named it above, ..but it's the key to a mountain town

Object under the egg, ..maybe the second hardest to identify, seems insignificant, but it opens something GIGANTIC

Hope that helps!


Alright, got 2 more to add to that list with the clue help: Dark key up front is the key to the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit and the open book on top has to be from Myst, given the clue. Still unsure as to the last 2. I can't see the object under the egg clearly enough to venture a guess and I'm a bit out of the gaming loop for the ring on the necklace. Need some community help on those last ones.

Best of luck getting the shirt printed. You clearly have some solid fan support!


Is this shirt going to get made? If it is not, can we find a way to get it printed anyway.

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