Children's Perspective on Hairstyles

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Children's Perspective on Hairstyles by Rose-Ann-Mary-K on Threadless
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Children's Perspective on realistic Hairstyles! Promote your childhood with this unique shirt, with all your favorite tv-shows and films.

Because a girls hair needs to be perfect!


Haha! This reminds me of my niece and her dress up time. I like it :) Have you thought about different colored tees?

Rose-Ann-Mary-K profile pic Artist

Aww thank you! Yes, any colours would be possible as a background! And any type of t-shirt, but I assume girls would rather buy it than boys. ;)

Rose-Ann-Mary-K profile pic Artist

HURAHH! :D my first customer.. Please spread the word, and hit the 5 button, then your "Want" wishes can come true! ;)



I like it


Please excuse my elderly ignorance (I hit the big 4 0 last month) who are Sam, Alex, and Clover? Who are the two behind the T-shirt? I love that you included some classics like Jane Eyre.

I think it should be in color. We need Pippi's red and Marge's blue to stand out. I think everyone should only be a first name as well. Leave off the "Simpson" for Marge and Lisa. If you can't figure out who Marge and Lisa are from a first name and a hairstyle, a last name isn't going to help you.


nice one !!! like the above comment !! :P

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ps: The 6 hairstyles behind the T-shirt, just to clarify, are:

  • Wendy from Peterpan and Finding Neverland
  • The Red Queen, from Alice in Wonderland
  • Amy (Amelia) Pond, From Doctor Who
  • Jessie, from Pokemon
  • Mary Poppins
  • and Alice, from Alice in Wonderland.

very cool


I might be confused, but I don't get how it is 'childrens perspective'? I'm not sure what you mean there.

Rose-Ann-Mary-K profile pic Artist

That your hair is always in perfect shape. ;) Also how Jessie's, Ariel's, Pippi's, The Red Queen's etc etc. 's hair would never work in real life. ;) (without loads of hairspray)


This is amazing. :D 5$

Rose-Ann-Mary-K profile pic Artist

Aww! Thank you all so much for the positive feedback! Your words are too kind! :D Thank you all so much!

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