Children Don't Discriminate

Design by Afromation

Children Don't Discriminate by Afromation on Threadless
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the creature is sweet, but thee girls hair looks too much like mickey mouse.

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I guess this is not to everyone's liking

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Thanks but my work is never friendly to the audience on this site so I don't see myself ever winning a chance of having my designs printed. There are many talented artist on this site I am no where as good as them. It is what it is.


I think it is amazing. Really vibrant.


You know what the more I look at it the more I think 5! Keep subbing please.


I agree with Stella but don't be hard on yourself. You definitely have enough skill to make a winning design. The composition, shading and color scheme is great.


Yeah I just checked your other subs. You definitely have some print worthy stuff in there.


Bah, stop angling for sympathy, afroman.
The design is a good one, sans the Mickey-Mouse hair.

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Amazing feeling in this one, and ideal for a children's book about differences. Nothing i'd want to wear, but i'd buy the book for my kids! The finger legs creep me the hell out, but in a good way. The bad good way.


Keep doing what you are doing, I like that you don't compromise! Great art man! $5

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I don't angle for sympathy for any art I doon here if people feel what I do cool if you don't feel it that is cool also. it is what it is.

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Thanks Dacat man your work is great originality indeed.


i love this, and the monsters expression is great


what the hell is this?

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