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Childhood totem

Design by D-maker

Childhood totem by D-maker on Threadless
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With better perspective this would be amazing. The joystick looks wrong.


I LOVE the style of drawing and concept here, but something about the placement & perspective is off to me.

D-maker profile pic Artist

yeah, I know the perspective is wrong, but it´s intentional. I don´t make it perfect. Thanks for comments.


yar me like :) xxx

walmazan profile pic Alumni

nice style, cool idea!


Yeah, the joystick is fine, it's the perspective of the box that is out. It's really jarring visually.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I instantly recognized it was a joystick, I guess people need to break our their Atari joysticks a bit more often or something. lol. Anywho, love the idea, there's just something about the style here that throws me off. Or mayb i'd like to see one or two more concepts integrated into the cube or around it to really bring the idea home. Really great meshing of 80's nostalgia into one big fun cube tho.

jalidd profile pic Alumni

i hate rubiks cube, i only got one side each time, i sucked at it... love your style



I think the joystick-cube-thing is fine, but the little figure worshiping it bothers me for some reason - like it's too Shannon-Wheeler-esque or something.

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