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chiilin & killin

Design by d3d

chiilin & killin by d3d on Threadless
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without the tilt it's just another crappy letterbox design. trust me, the tilt makes it whimsical


"everything everyone has said so far" = yes


no losing of the tilt tho


awesome design! I like the tilt (in theory) it would look better if it were a tilted oval instead of being rectangular. this is obviously just opinion though. as a rectangle I would prefer it non-tilted, but oval+tilt would be ze best. you still get 5, and probably a buy if its available the way I have droned on about


very Terry Pratchett, which is nice.


That's the first thing I thought, too. "I'M OUT OF QUARTERS, SUSAN."

I think the tilt is distracting, but whatever. $5

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i'm not familiar with terry pratchett's writing at all, so i apologise for the accidental reference.

i also just noticed a typo in the title. it'd be funny if my only printed design was misspelt. what a legacy.


I love the concept for this design! ! !

I know I can get wordy so please
don't think all my comments
below are me trying to hammer
the design. With that, here's
my comments:

The tilt isn't working for me.
I think it distracts from the
image's humor.

I wish the image was more obvious
about its location being in an
video game arcade. Here's some
suggestions to help in that area:
>> The background could have other
people in the arcade at the other
>> The arcade machines aren't as
obvious as they could be. At first
I thought they were La-Z-boy recliners
and Death was shooting someone
sitting in one.
>> Since you've only used 3 colors,
you could use orange for the gun.

And Death's bony hands would
help flesh out this design (ha ha).

d3d profile pic Artist

all good suggestions but i always take simple over busy. perhaps i'll put more effort into it and resubmit some day, but as yet i haven't resubmitted anything and i'd hate to start.


I love area 51!

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