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Chief of the Court by DavidBS on Threadless
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hah i don't know why i thought it was nadal for a second, from the thumbnail. Nice, I'll take one on the blue shirt as well.

DavidBS profile pic Artist

Wooohoooo it's up... Thank you all. Also known as "Logan the Orator".. A Native American Chief. It seems he was a tennis champion.


hahahah! like it on blue


haha~ love your style~ 5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Just fade the color of the raquet and ball just a touch closer to the reality of the Chief image, and this serves a winner.


ahaa this is great !! :D $5


try making the racket and the ball into the same stencil / wood cut style as the figure. And then try to see if the red and yellow still blends with the whole design. if not keep it as the same colour as the figure.

DavidBS profile pic Artist

@aycacha - Glad you like it. @FA - Thanks for your comment, it's always great to know your honest opinion. I wanted to make these 2 elements (racket & ball) stands out a lot more than the chief.

Thank you all.

chelo jm
chelo jm profile pic Alumni

hehehe great


Very cool!

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