chicken war

Design by Gringz



Chicken! Yes! 5$

Timmy Toons

Thats too funny. =) $5


Oh man this is amazing. I want I want I want.


can i get the full Gringz catalog?

seriously. i want one of each.



5$!!! This is great!

olie! profile pic Alumni

Best sub I've seen in months. Seriously. $5

Gringz profile pic Artist

ludicrous louisa> chicken fights, you know?


(another) $5

andyg profile pic Alumni

Very cool! 5

Ava Adore

haha awesome!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

you can make a comic book full of your crazy characters^^

She Says So


this is sexy.

Big Ed

A chicken fight, for those of you who are confused, is when you get on someone's shoulders in a swimming pool and then try to wrestle with someone else who is also on someone's shoulders, and try to knock them down into the water.

Having said that, this is hilarious and your subs rock hard.


Don't get it. Don't like the style much, the figures too. Colours are okay. 2


hah. um, WTF? :)
They are beating the person supporting them? shouldn't they be beating each other? oh well.
I like that they are short and fat and you can't see their eyes. I don't like that their legs are tinier than their arms. Did you mean to do that? (chicken legs?) Especially notice the guy with the mace: his leg looks like its bent in an impossible position. maybe his hip got dislocated? ;) He also appears to be hovering rather than sitting on the shoulders. Sounds nit-picky yeah, but it looks not-quite-right.

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