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Haha, sorry, I don't want to wear your face, dude.


me neither.

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Hi there, For Your Information: This is Crown Fountain in Chicago. Actually, there are two fountains that face each other and each one display faces from residents in Chicago. It is real and it is current. I find it as a beautiful motive from this city and I believe that a lot of visitors who have been there had fun time and good memories. The reason I designed this is because I wanted to try something different apart from the city landscape which everyone did and I must say I was inspired too. The reason that I put my face on this design is because I wanted it to be more realistic and authentic and also due to copyright rules, remember?? I can’t just put anyone’s face on it just like that, and after all, there is no such rule that restricts me from expressing myself in a way that I feel like and designing anything I want, being it putting my face on a design! I am an artist and express my creativity without concern that you are going to like or not. Everyone has different taste and you don’t have to like it, nor write a comment. This competition is about Chicago themed label design. What’s more concerning here is: Is this how you contact and make friendships or future collaborations and havening FUN before everything? Posting such a comment on someone’s wall or to someone who maybe rated or helped your design to get printed MR.7 prints so far wow, is this how you provide your professional feedback on someone’s work and how you express your creative mind? Impressive I must say. The same applies to taz-pie for the comprehensive feedback as well. Correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you.

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Thank you!

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