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OK! My first (accepted) Threadless submission. This was inspired by two of those scary little blinky things people use in their signatures on web forums. I saw two in a row: "Addicted to Jesus!" and "Addicted to cheese!" Feedback, ideas, and advice would be welcome. Thank you!



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OK, so I'm stupid at Threadless so far. Sorry, all. I can't seem to get the hang of posting here.


is that... gouda?? I'm pretty sure Jesus is a cheddar guy.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

what's the story on the free-floating hands?


i'm getting kinda sick of the making fun of Jesus who happens to be someone very important to me and a lot of other people in the world. Esspecially in light of what happened when ppl made fun of another Holy guy, why can't we just give everyone a little respect and leave there prophets and saviors out of it. Please!

Spiffygrits profile pic Artist

The free floating hands are there simply because I didn't think more robe detail was needed to communicate the joke.

Nor do I see how making a pun out of Jesus' name is making fun of Jesus. If I was directly mocking Jesus' teachings, that would be one thing. If I was equating Jesus with, say, a cowboy, that would be political. As it stands, I'm merely noting that in English, the word Jesus sounds a bit like the word cheese, and I'm mocking the fact that two people on a parenting site I visited had blinkies that said, respectively, "Addicted to Jesus!" and "Addicted to cheese!" The humor for me is that two people found their love for both Jesus and cheese to be parseable into a little flashing banner. Love of Jesus is often placed alongside love of movies, hatred of mean people, or a simple blinkie that says, "I love blinkies" on web forums.

I'd like to think that Jesus and his followers have a sense of humor. The design criticisms are totally valid, and saying you think it's a stupid joke is totally valid. But comparing this innocuous design to the Mohammed cartoons opens up a can of fish that can't be resolved in a simple post here.


oh. another Jesus on a shirt.

Spiffygrits profile pic Artist

Oh well. At least it's not a robot ninja Jesus with a heart. ;) I'm still pretty new to Threadless, so I'm still getting to know what's been overdone or done at all here, but based on the responses, you have seen a lot of Jesus. Since I've joined, I've mostly seen ninjas, for whatever reason.


i don't like jesus shirts in general but hmm.. yeah, can't really tell it's cheese at first.

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You still should! I'd like to think that cheese-its would find a way to live in harmony with all of snack-kind, but maybe they're actually the deadly sinners of the snack world. Actually, what worries me is just how many visual cheese puns I can think of off the top of my head. It might be wrong to devote a large portion of my life to making pictures of cheese.

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