Cheer up Goths

Design by Tofu_Rok

Cheer up Goths by Tofu_Rok on Threadless
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slender fungus

i don't know any goths that look like that.


I like how the skulls are smiling, but
why do they have those rabbit teeth?

Tofu_Rok profile pic Artist

Hello all...

To answer your questions...

1.Why do the skulls have rabbit teeth?, because thats what happens when you do brush properly.

2.How did l know she wasn't happy?.....good question.

3.To find Goths goto GOTHam...bwhhahaha

l shut up.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Brother Rok. We are related even though the spelling is off...

Nice work Tofu. A five from me...


wow, i think i saw a blog you made about this design ages ago. it looks much better now


are you asking goths to cheer up or asking us to cheer up goths?

either way nice shirt =D


I'm goth and I would love to wear it. A 4 and a $ for you.

Tofu_Rok profile pic Artist

Hiya guys and gals,

Thanks for all the nice comments good and bad.

l have to say without the text the tee design is meaningless, its just another illo.

As for the font, some people didn't like the idea of me using a Gothic type font, thinking it look too cheesy like mature cheddar. So l used this instead for better or worse.

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