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Funny !!


Someone's got some 'splainin to do! Too close, so unlikely, but I would still buy it $5


OH! OH! The milk shir--- Ahh, nevermind everyone else already said it.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I like that all the characters are experiencing different emotions. Nice work.


fuckin been done, sigh


wait? what? this seems silly and doesn't really make sense.
thinking about the rules of chess and what not i don't get how it's relevant. peas explain


this makes me think of that milk shirt but still funny

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Seriously, come on people!!!!

This is EXACTLY the milk shirt, which was already a tired concept when it was printed the first time.

I'll be nice and spare this a zero for outright concept stealing b/c i like the drawings and the situation a lot more than the milk sub, and b/c that wasn't an original idea in the first place.


i actually prefer this one to the milk shirt.

still bad show for idea poaching.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

kinda jumping the gun to accuse someone of stealing, but yea, a thorough look through previous prints should be a requirement for anyone subbing. still, nice illo


Props for using chess on a t-shirt.


Oh and add a chess board in the background. It's a bit plain.


The expression on the queen's face is perfect.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

This is waaaaaaay better than that milk cutesy shirt.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Even the dumbest thing breathing who doesn't know shit about chess would get this, ouchouch.


yeah... a pawn of opposite color can cross a chess table to become a queen but there's no "mating" in chess. relaly, the characters are cute but this shirt is made of fail. makes no sense. silly. concepts already been explored perfectly with milky shirt. end.


i like this one more than the milk one.. the art is more my taste.. and i wouldnt wear the milk one but i would definitely wear this one

soo $5


nice, but it reminds that other design of milk bottles...

.onion profile pic Alumni

It's like "You Are A Mere Pawn" + "You've Got Some 'Splainin To Do" ... except I like this one better than either of those :T


who cares that it's been done before, you can say that about a lot of things, it's how it's done that matters, and i prefer this much more than the milk shirt. i understood the concept right away. love it!


i like this so much better than all the other 'oops baby' designs.
and to mitchell90....i have no idea why this would be so confusing. its a very simple concept.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Two lover entwined pass me by
And heaven knows I'm miserable now


this one is better than the milk one

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