Cheap transplants

Design by alvarejo

Cheap transplants by alvarejo on Threadless
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alvarejo profile pic Artist

All you need to do to mantain it is checking the oil


nice work there. if it wins, the print should be bigger so it's more to scale with what's going on inside.


and is that battery supposed to be the liver? if so.. that's pretty sweet, considering the liver provides energy for the rest of the body. no spleen?

melh696 profile pic Alumni

i too, have bionic insides.


Yeah, would prefare it without the half tone background. Really great illustration and concept though. I like it on the red best because it reminds me of human organs more O_o

mezo profile pic Alumni

Interesting, but this is begging for color. And ditch the halftone circle in the back.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

the halftones aren't needed at all. Distracts from the awesome design.
This works so well on any color except white. How cool would this be if the white color was printed in metallic silver?

I would resub this as soon as possible on without the halftones. With Metallic silver instead of white. Make the blue outlines something like a dark grey. And make the print a LITTLE smaller so that it doesn't go over any seams and would be no larger than 16" tall.

But, that's just me...

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I'm giving it a 3 as is. But if you did those things I really think it would be a FIVE! +$

alvarejo profile pic Artist

thanks for your comments, i shuold have uploaded it to the Critiques before, i hope threadless let me resub this one.


SUPER concept, but I want more color


Definitely would look better on a red or dark blue shirt. Nice concept and design.

$5 and maybe a buy...

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