Che Guevara's paradox

Design by Maosorius

Che Guevara's paradox by Maosorius on Threadless
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Maosorius profile pic Artist

This design talks about the paradox between Che Guevara's (a man symbolises struggles against misery) and a poor child which has to make a Che Guevara's tee-shirt for a miserable wage.
Thus, how can we define the freedom?

I would like to propose others colours: orange, sand and grown.

Thanks to Cas-p

alexmdc profile pic Staff
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great concept, awsome illo

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

nice job! i think a sewing machine on the table would give a more "mass manufacturing" feel to it, but i love the red focal color.


great illustration, I'd buy this


perfect symbiosis of concept and execution 5$


concept is real good. but are they from 2 diff era? its like Caesar playing PSP.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

"grown" is my favorite color!

Maosorius profile pic Artist

Thanks for all these comments. I'll think about the addition of sewing machine, you're right.


I like this. It's the fact that Che Guevara is such a recycled icon, it's ridiculous. Nice interpretation. $5

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

would love this on a white tee. awesome work.

BlueLobster profile pic Alumni

it would be weird if this shirt was actually made in a sweatshop

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

amazing tee feel to the drawing, you've gotten all the creases right. nice double meaning here and contrast of the style of the commodified tee and the traditional and real world selling everyone's soul out and the meaning that Che tried to bring to the world in the process.


Brilliant idea! The drawing is top-notch, I just wish the finishing or inking was bit tighter. It's such a great idea tho, so I have to give it a five. great job!


god how I love them little nimble exploited fingers that allow me to get my cheap ass che shirt for low everyday prices

VIVA SAVINGS MOTHER FUCKERS!! ( bout it let's get some sweatshop tees at lower prices god damn it...oh wait.....)

personally I don't thing the one girl w/ non mechanized to convey your intended message personally.


i have no idea why but I frequently misspell / typo "think" as "thing" as above also...ooops... sorry for any confusion or inconvenience that may have caused ...

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