Charlie Chaplin

Design by cgdsarslan

Charlie Chaplin by cgdsarslan on Threadless
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olie! profile pic Alumni

It looks like the design is skewed a bit, like the sides of the image got squished horizontally. Other than that it looks like a nice watercolor portrait, but that rainbow gradient background you chose really does not do much to flatter the design.


I agree with olie! You're showing some skills with this design but the thumbnail looks better than the sub!


Awesome Man!!! i'd buy it.


hey ma can u plz tell me as you hav done a water color artwork
on paper then how r u gonna submit it to threadless if get selected for printing, as in which format. JPEG, PSD, TIFF etc
will u giv the artwork in layers of different color??
also which technique should be use to achive the color gradation and the actual color.

plz reply.

robot activist

Nice tee. Shocking background.

Curtis Carter

I'd buy this! :)

The rainbow background isn't working for your shirt though.


I think it looks really great. I'd definitely buy it. 5$


this would be an awesome print

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Presentation does detract a lot . . . seems like a very nice illustration, tho. :)


dude this is awesome. i live in Fremont where Charlie Chaplin shot movies and we have a theatre and museum dedicated to him.


really nice!

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