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It's a cool concept, but really difficult to read (considering it'll be on a t-shirt).

chemi hydro

Why is everybody complaining about having to make order out of the words through the scrambled chaos?!!!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni



It was a little hard to read, but I still like it. Change the colors to something a bit more clashing and chaotic and I'd $5 it. Right now it's just a 5.


i like the concept, but i dont like the idea of having people staring at my chest trying to read what it says on my shirt.... am i alone?


OompaLoompa- no, I'm with you. A little awkward... "okay, I've been staring at your chest for half an hour- what does it say?!" I think not. Good concept, though.


It's kinda ouchie for the eyes, but it is an awesome idea.
I don't know if the colors are the problem or what, but nonetheless, an awesome design.


I'd buy it in a different color. The bubbles and letters are good times. 4$

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