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How creepy!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

wonderful illustration, i enjoy thoughtful concepts like this.
[it is all about multiple thought-levels]

cpdesign profile pic Artist

redrabbit: I didn't mean for it to be creepy, but if that's how you interpret it that's fine. Just your personal opinion. Thank you to all above for your nice comments and votes.

cpdesign profile pic Artist

Yellow shape behind dolls is meant to be like a spotlight and also is influenced by the vintage Charles S. Anderson look of old style print making where they would have layers of ink be off register.

staffell profile pic Alumni

you are a fine designer sir

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I'm not not a big fan of the yellow shape around them but I really really love the drawing style. 5


interesting symbolism. but are you supposed to say when someone askes why the heck there's a creppy doll chained to a bear on your shirt? by the time you'd finish explaining the meaning, they'd be backing away from you veerrrrrry slooooowwwwwlllly.

cpdesign profile pic Artist

I guess I thought it was pretty self explanitory, I just wanted to describe my personal idea on the concept. Everyone see's things differently I guess. I don't see a scary doll, I see a more positive outlook of love. Maybe the yellow highlights on the dolls face makes her look scary? Oh well!!

The Amazing Duck

Too creepy for me, but then Im a chicken with what I wear :)


It would have been great without the yellow outline.


love the teddy bear


Great design and color skill, but sadly, I would not emblazon this on my chest.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The style reminds me of Silence of the Lambs (shirt design), which is a good thing.

cpdesign profile pic Artist

Sorry ashrz23 you don't care for the colors I was going for retro colors, something different. Thank you SusieO and kaloyster for your uplifting comments.

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