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Great illustration and looks great on the tee! Love it on sand.

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cool! ...i want this! PERFECTee 5$! :D

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Burn king = quister. zinger. Nice work Q-man!


CFLs are some improvement over incandescents, but only a fool would claim that they are better from a waste-generation standpoint. Even if the CFLs are disposed of properly, there's all the e-waste generated from the ballasts.

And the light quality from CFLs is pretty inferior, too.

The real answer is to go from incandescents straight to LEDs. No bulb gas of any type, no fragile glass envelope, an awesomely long working life, and a light spectrum which can be "tuned". Much less power, too. The only obstacle is one which will eventually vanish -- a $50 per bulb pricetag.

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Great message and tender and wonderful coloring and artwork.



true $5


Brilliant! I love the blue version best.


I for one use CFL's all the time, and I don't even notice the difference any more. My electric bill was cut in half, and the power company sent out thank you notes for saving them energy. I support this design :-)


This design is actually really inspirational! I'm gonna try and switch to CFL's.

I am already recycling like a madman.
(People, stop buying bottled water, just buy a water bottle and re-fill it!)


I kind of feel some of the details could be taken out to make it more simplified, but that could be just me. Either way, you obviously did a great job here with an excellent concept.


wonderful! it might be even better if the expression more obvious...

Mountain Gnome

Quister, this is not the first CFL Bulb Tee I've seen, but it is probably the Best. Five for you are Fiver for you getting the message across!


Well, after reading through all the comments I think I'm more informed? At any rate, nice composition and clean lines! I like the sand the best.


had to look closely but then i realised this is a very clever design. I like the hands, nice execution.


such a clean and wonderful illustration –$5


you must have one hell of a publicist.


Very well done, nice colors, pretty and a good message. I'd buy this shirt!


My friend, super sub, great message, and the expression for the old one make my day $5, I hope PRINT this!


I'm all for the freedom of others buying and using the new
bulbs all they want. I'm against the Congress taking our
freedom of buying the regular bulbs and forcing us all to
use the new bulbs by 2014.

Here's a CSPAN video of a Congressman's speech against the new bulbs.


although I wouldn't wear it myself I have to admit that this is a great concept and properly done $5


hill yes. will buy. phive


excellent work my friend, I hope Print this shine tee


Missed this, but congrats on the sweet score. Cool concept and a great design, here's hoping for a print!


oh boy this looks really good..

the illustration is awesome and the hands are my favorite part.. its perfectly done..

it was a little hard for me to make the light bulb, but you gave me some ideas, despite the fact that our style is different i like yours a lot..

thanks for your comment btw (:


lol i was going to vote i really thought this one was for the green contest.. haha.. and i just realized that it's a little old D: hahah

anyways, gotta check out your newer designs.. see ya

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