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Haasbroek profile pic Artist

Based on "Dali Atomicus", the photograph taken by Philippe Halsman. Cerealism is also a play on the word Surrealism and included is a little Dali element. (The clock- Persistence of Memory). For a look at the photograph, please copy and paste this into your browser:


Thanks for looking. I hope you like it.

fourcolourblack profile pic Alumni

come on threadless, for the title alone this deserves a print. excellent idea. $5!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i think it's really great but the linework on the clock really bothers me, it seems a lot thinner than any of the other lines in this drawing.
actually the whole clock just bothers me, i understand how this is an homage to a photograph and to dali but i think this would be stronger without it.

also i think if the chair were moved to the other side of the table this would work better compositionally, because right now the chair and the boy occupy the same amount of space and are placed on the same horizon line. it's awkward

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

even though i think some things should be changed, this is still better than 97% of the stuff that gets submitted here so it's a $5 from me.


Oh why'd you add the clock? I thought this was awesome as was in the critiques! You still get a $5, though.



this is utterly fantastic!
i really hope this is printed. what a great play on words...




The photo this references is one of my faves, and your submission has awesomeness on several levels. So, $5 is a no-brainer.

Alas, surrealism has never been one of Threadless' strong points. The votards will probably kill this....

murraymullet profile pic Alumni

very clever. great title. great work. high 5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni


ride that milky wave, kitty!


The title is the only way you can make sense of it. Maybe make it a little more realismish. Otherwise the shirt really doesn't make sense. Didn't get it until I read the title.

Haasbroek profile pic Artist

yeah. I could probably change the clock. thanks for the comments so far.


I like it a lot and I don't think it's hard to understand.

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