Central Heart

Design by desisjades

Central Heart by desisjades on Threadless
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emeryg profile pic Alumni

$weet - I like it I'm just not sure if its going to be lost on the wearer when the material follows the human contours - very cool all the same!


would like to see if it works on busty woman even more:) good luck.

staffell profile pic Alumni

desisjades on Mar 21 '12 Very cool! I will buy it, if it gets printed!! Zorb Zorb on Mar 22 '12 I´m so sorry! The last comment of "desisjades" was not written by him! It actually is my comment... but sometimes we use the same computer, and it was early in the morning... Okay, once again: Very cool! I will buy it, if it gets printed!!!!


Jules Eff
Jules Eff profile pic Alumni

Clever idea

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