censorship rules!

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censorship rules! by ekaj47 on Threadless
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Kojima profile pic Alumni

I like this, but the one with the hoo-haa not there and the taa-taa groping was cool too. And the nay-nay to the izzo foshizzo. Boom Chee! Boom Chee! (rap music enters abruptly).


SCREW dark shirts... great illustration

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Too dark, but it's good you censored it.


I think I could like this, if I could see it better

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

there are alternative colors to view on my blog of this logo

thanks so far to those who like it

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah this is sweet I iek teh oneon teh light green teh best but its a sweet image

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Awesome - love the subtlety of the darker tones. 5$

chronically bizarre

this shirt is stellar, it works really well on the navy shirt, don't use a light shirt!!!


chronically bizarre


after seeing the alternative colors... either this dark blue censored or the red, the red seems much more fitting though...

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

if its too dark for some of you, you can click on my name then click on the line that says "censorship rules! alternative colors"


Whats going on? Pigsex?


I'd prefer black on the lighter blue. Needs more contrast to show off the design. And yeah, the censored one does look better.


i'd never ever in a million years wear it
but nicely drawn design
and i love the darkness

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

check out my profile for alternative colors - you can see it there with lighter colors

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