Celestial Surgery

Design by grypesagon

Celestial Surgery by grypesagon on Threadless
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cronobeaker profile pic Alumni

Nice work on the electrical bolts!


I love the design, but I agree with Bowtie about the placement.

$5'ed it anyway :oD

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Looks good! I disagree about the placement... I think it's fine where it is.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Interesting visual, but I can't quite make out what is going on at the top. Is the moon ripping the sky open or threading a hole in the t-shirt or is it an electric squid taking flight? From a distance, the lightning bolts are amazing - they really pop off the shirt and look alive. I like that. Colors are great, too. I do really wish I could make out exactly what is going on in the scene. That's not to say all art has to be visually clear, but it seems like you are trying to tell a story here....and I can't really hear it. Make sense? 3

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I thought the dino was throwing a firebolt, all DragonballZ style back up at the sky at first! lol....really nice idea and style here Grypes, but i agree with the folks that would like a different placement. Center of the tee or maybe even lower left or right front placement. nice work tho.


neat... love the lightning!

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