Ceasar of the Dead

Design by Oiseau83

Ceasar of the Dead by Oiseau83 on Threadless
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alexmdc profile pic Alumni

love the illo, but something seems a bit off the styles dont seem to match up as well, looks aweosme on the shirt tho


I don't know what it is, but I really like this. Good work!

bengineer profile pic Alumni

great work!

soloyo profile pic Alumni


Matty Geez

I don't like the tangent of the guy's hand and knee with the doggie. There should be more space between or overlap more. To me this has a distinctive "photo collage" feel to it. Would like to see more personal touch. I do like the colors and "splatter" effect, though.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

wish the skull was just sliiightly differently sized/ positioned, otherwise there's an awesome feel to the piece!!


I recognize this guy from Slipping out. A neat piece.

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