Caution: Ghosts

Design by Jebs

Caution: Ghosts by Jebs on Threadless
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Jebs profile pic Artist

Thanks! So i put the green version on my blog, in better resolution. I hope you like this one, as i enjoy creating it ^^


Ha ha! The caution sign is hilarious! Awesome moon, too! :)


i love how the moon looks all cheesy

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration and colors. The moon is terrific.


The caution sign is cute, and I like the eyes as well.

chronically bizarre

I love the caution sign and cheese-like moon ^.^ design looks best to me on the blue, more fitting color combo I think

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

I think this would look great on a darker blue or purple, perhaps. A night time sky, basically. Nice work.


I like it a lot.

outline profile pic Alumni

gah, i don't like it in green at alllll.

but great design. finally, a cartoon-y style with detail and effort. hahaha i love the road sign too.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks for comments!!!!! and biticol> if you are the same we see at derby> it's an honor to have a 5$ from you, i think you are a very gifted graphist, i love what you do!


Il est vraiment bon celui là ! Y a pleins de petits détails. Moi qui adore le vert, pour une fois je préfère la version bleue !

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