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Causality Singularity

Design by Monkey III

Causality Singularity by Monkey III on Threadless
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Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

Which came first?
The chicken or the egg?
"The ultimate unknowable in science... "

To ancient philosophers, the question about the first chicken or egg also evoked the questions of how life and the universe began. I think this creature came first. ^^

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

simple and great! 5$




It's the egg! Then everyone says, "well, what laid the egg?"

The evolutionary step immediately preceding the chicken, man!!!

Thanks science! :)


very very very nice design, Monkey III

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

In this case, the egg is assumed to be a chicken's egg. Or else it wouldn't be one of the greatest questions. ^^


nice $4

Edword profile pic Alumni

really cool texture!


I have pondered the question for too long...about 5 minutes...I think the egg came first....CUUTE design!


Evolution says the egg came first.
Intelligent design says the chicken came first.
Harry Potter says a circle has no begining.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Egg chicken is pretty cool indeed. And he even was born calling out the battle cry of the "First!" bloggers. not my thing persay, but really well done as far as cutesy goes on Threadless.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

I like that suggestion EuniceBurns! On yellow is much better.
Let's see if I can post a link somehow...

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