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TGWA profile pic Artist

One color on Navy or Black.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Reminds me of that other printed design, don't remember the name, though.

TGWA profile pic Artist

I'm not really sure what you're referring to... here at Threadless?

zipperking profile pic Alumni

I think he is thinking to the quick brown fox one

TGWA profile pic Artist

Can you give me a link? I'm searching through the previous submissions and prints but can't find it...

TGWA profile pic Artist

bloobba: see above lol. Thanks though.


I remember one time a flight attendant got in trouble for saying this over the intercom because apparently back in the racisty days it was really "Catch a nigger by the toe" and some overly sensitive passenger filed a complaint that they felt oppressed or something...

Also, the flow of this is kind of awkward.

TGWA profile pic Artist

That was this entry geekxxor. I thought I would try it here because I liked how it came out. ProfessorE, this is an old and innocent children's rhyme that got appropriated by a select few. You can read about it on wikipedia:,_meeny,_miny,_moe


This is superdupercool!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This really isn't reminiscent of the "quick brown fox" design other than both are pictures made from words, and while i agree the flow is strange, it oddly makes sense and really kinda adds something to the piece like a song with odd time signatures that you shouldn't like but somehow gravitate towards. I don't think you need the period at the end of the sentence and i understand why you have the quotation marks for the tiger ears too. Really sweet work.


happy tofu

But the period is necessary! It's the toe! Very important.

ndikol profile pic Alumni



If this gets printed, you should totally make it in kids' sizes too :D

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