Cat In The Hat

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Cat In The Hat by staffell on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

You could work around the 4 color limit if you really want the illustration on blue (which does look best, but you also may be dealing with copyright issues...)

Anyway, take out the shadow on the hat & instead use the black to add depth. That'd give you 4 colors and blue shirt printability.


mew? *meow?

staffell profile pic Artist

cats go mew! My cat does anyway.


Cute design. I'd like the word better with a tighter font, though.


I love how the word "mew" is written in what looks like your handwriting.

d3d profile pic Alumni

heh, sweet. i'd wear it.

staffell profile pic Artist

a) Ive never heard of a band called 'mew'
b) The hat is no more blatent than darth in DSOTG.
c) I wasn't aware that you could copyright a noise.


One of my favorite books as a kid.

Wish we could get it on blue.


Yeah I always thought a cat made the noise "Meow" and not Mew as in Mu the greek letter.


I think that you should've used text instead of writing mew, but other than that I loveeee it(:

staffell profile pic Artist

SnackPatrol on Jan 20 '09
hey, i'm sorry if this is a completely newbie question (I'm sure it is) but what exactly do you mean by "4 color mark", i thought it was 8 colors??

did you not notice the "Scoring finished:
1169 days ago " part? The rules have changed slightly since then.

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