Casablanca, starring Mr. Fox

Design by celandinestern

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celandinestern profile pic Artist

Based on my second favorite film of all time, Casablanca. Mr. Fox will have to do the thinking for both of them now.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful tee shirt.

har har.

Four colors on sand or seafoam. There is a version with 3 colors and a halftone effect in the window, but it suffers from moiré in the flash file presentation so I axed it for now. You can see it on the girls in the second slide.


love blue !cute

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

super cute

I like the blue one best

dacat profile pic Alumni

Pretty subtle reference, great looking tee!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

this makes me smile!

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni


Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Lovely stuff


"Here's lookin' at you, Kit(ty)." Sorry, couldn't resist. :P
Love the intricate design. Prefer the seafoam.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Lovely! ♥


I love your style so much! I hope it gets printed!

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Cute design! Love your style. :)

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

Oh this is so cuteeeee!! very delicate style and soft colors, perfect for the theme. Love it! $5

- Davide -
- Davide - profile pic Alumni

Beautiful design... for a child it's perfect! 5
Can you vote my 2 t-shirt please?

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