Casa Estrella

Design by Dabem

Casa Estrella by Dabem on Threadless
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Dabem profile pic Artist

Well i was in such a rush to get this one in before the deadline I forgot about the dpi the first time. :p

Well I'm new to this so be kind, but the idea was a 'midnight movie' played out in the stars. Hope you like it!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wow...surprised this was dropped so quickly. I agree with CC about the dispersal of the stars around the faces and maybe the stars being in different colors or making up the outlines of the faces? This looks pretty stunning on the tee with the cloudy effect. Better luck next time!

Dabem profile pic Artist

Well it happens I guess. Seems most people didn't get it, even my friends wonder what was going on. :P I think I have an idea for a redux though. Thanks for the thoughts!

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