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ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool :D :D

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

wow this is so amazing!


wow! cool hair


please don't link your sub in other subs, the rating will drown. : (


Awesome!!! Almost Japanese.... You should do a series and have one with radishes!!! This is sweet!!!!


what isawa said--many people will click 0 or 1 out of politeness-teaching-revenge when you ask them to rate yours in another sub--it's just plain rude (taking someone else's attention on their submissions, apparently multiple ones as I saw it in argyle circuit in particular). Just something to consider. With no effort but submitting the piece, you WILL get a fair # of ratings before they either publish or pull it down--we all just click through the pieces randomly--we're not seeking out this or that person (most of us, at least--we're looking for good wearable art, no matter who it comes from!)...

This one is probably going to lose a point in rating because of the links put elsewhere. People don't like their glory being stolen, and observers like it even less--it takes away from the criticism and praise that comments are intended for. The critique section is far more okay for that. The actual submissions? No--even if added to your feedback, it makes your feedback seem fake, so just keep your feedback free of solicitation and people will be more fair. I'll be fair to any first time offenders, but if I saw it multiple times, I'd zilch the person out of the water.


Weird but soooooo cool!

Nice work!

Carlos Arrojo

Wow.. I also eat lots of carrots..

will end with the hair too? I hope so.. .

funny shirt !!

Carlos Arrojo

Wow.. I also eat lots of carrots..

will end with the hair too? I hope so.. .

funny shirt !!


this is great

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

haha! so cool!

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