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Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

Great illustration and style!


you wow me every time


Corner placement, maybe on a light blue?

Montro profile pic Alumni

Lovely as usual :)

valorandvellum profile pic Artist

The theme of "The Island" is the 13 minute song on Crane Wife. As stated in the description, the song has to do with "rape, abduction and murder." However, at first listen the audience may not pick up on that. So what my piece has to do with the theme is the idea of something dark presented in a light way.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

wow, this might be my favorite of yours - and that's saying a lot!!!!

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

That's an awesome illustration. I love your description behind it as well. 5$$$

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors


that'll be a lot to say whenever someone asks me whats up with my shirt.


Love the illustration. hate the yellow
please not baby blue either!!!!

grey or sage or brown would be perfect


as always... nice design... I'll say it again, love your style.


lets petition threadless to throw out all of their color options and keep only light blue. it seems like thats all anybody ever wants anyways. oh, and they should just flat out burn all their yellow shirts. but not before defecating on them. this way everyone will be happy and no one will complain about a design because their pale asses don't look good in yellow. i like your style. and i'm pretty sure the decemberists will too.


side placement is best $5


I think that the meaning of this shirt would work better with different colors. darker, bolder. maybe brighter. not just the t-shirt color. I don't like the way the plant tapers down at the bottom and just ends. it feels like there should be something below that, maybe a few leaves or the ground, but not a flower pot.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

btw, i LOVE the shirt color!!!


normally, I hate yellow, but it works for this design. I'm sad because it would look terrible on me!! $5 though =)


I dig the history and the artwork but I agree with the others that the yellow is not a selling point. I've noticed when yellow doesn't work though that it's opposite, purple, works really well. (shrugs) just a suggestion.


i am in love with your style, and all your subs lately :D


YES! I love carnivorous plants! Plus it reminds me of a quote from Ubik. $5


Please not on yellow. I think this color looks good on very few skin tones. Especially for those of us with pale skin... yellow makes us look sickly.
Just my two cents....


Awesome design. But not that pale yellow color! I would put it on a dark color. Summerstorm is right, this color only looks good on a few skin tones.

.onion profile pic Alumni

Not Yellow. This is good :) Try black or dark blue or dark green...

cheripoffs profile pic Alumni

brilliant illustration but i'm not keen on the yellow shirt colour. I like the corner placement. 5


Please print this. It's so awesome. Maybe the yellow T put people off. Perhaps re-submit with different colour options?

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