Car Jacked

Design by sooty

Car Jacked by sooty on Threadless
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jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

nice idea, but not a big fan of the shadow


it's an amazing concept with a good drawing with good colors, but on that green and with that shadow it sort of looks awkward. i think it could be improved by adding your own background and expanding it

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Awesome jack puddle reflection, i agree with Jean, the shadow needs work but nice idea and 3-d style.

sooty profile pic Artist

I was going to make the shadow a shade of the green so it was a bit subtler but I was trying to keep the number of colours down

sooty profile pic Artist

the green has come out a bit brighter than it is on the shirt template but it has to be green so it looks like a card table

empiricist profile pic Alumni


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