Captain Panamerica

Design by kako64

Captain Panamerica by kako64 on Threadless
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Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Nice style! is the background just a random design? it sorta looks like maybe a country outline. i thought the P on his mask was a juice pitcher or commuter mug at first.

kako64 profile pic Artist

The background is a country doesn't exist that I create for Captain "P" ; there's somes similitudes with the Panamerica :)
Concerning the "P", it had been made with stencil and the painting was not dry ^_^


very very damn cool - first tee i've seen in a while that i'd totally love to wear! great job!! $5


I don't think that the map in the background nor the "P" on his head could be easily explained by someone who wore this tee. Much of it is unclear. Maybe try making it a bit clearer? 1, but could easily jump with some clarity.


this is adorable! perfect while watching the Captain America movie! :)

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